Drain being cleaned by engineers

Blocked drain? Time to get it unblocked!

You'll smell it before you see it. If that's what you're contending with, as well as overflows or leaks, then you need to get it resolved as quickly as possible. That's where our team at the Drain Cleaning Company in Birmingham come in. Get in touch today and we'll come down and sort the problem out for you.

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We can make short work of that drain

We have a team of specialist drain cleaners at the Drain Cleaning Company and we can send someone down to tackle your property's drain issue at a moment's notice. We're 100% local and our team have the skills and the equipment to ensure a professional resolution. It may be necessary to carry out a CCTV drain survey to try and figure out the issues and come up with a solution. Quality is always our focus and it's why we're always available, day or night, to ensure that you have the right solution on hand whenever you need it. There's no call out charge, our rates are competitive and our discreet vans ensure that privacy is retained. With our experienced team and full insurance coverage, you can always depend on the Drain Cleaning Company.

Plumber using plunger for back sink


  • Drain, pipe and sewer issues

  • Tree root issues

  • Ground movements

  • Vehicle activity

  • Rubble, fat, grease and detergent build-up

  • French drains

  • Joint displacements

  • Water level issues

Open sewage channel access with escaping water jet on the mounted high pressure water pipe
It'll get worse if you leave it. Address it now by calling

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