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Professional drain repairs

Bad smells. Slow drainage. A damaged drain can present itself in a variety of ways. But to stop those issues exacerbating, you need an efficient drain repair solution and that's what we provide at the Drain Cleaning Company in Birmingham. Contact us to enquire.

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Whatever the issue, we can fix it

Our specialist team can take on any kind of repair work, by either digging or employing the latest no-dig technology. Our repair service also encompasses insurance work and we approach each job with a meticulous mindset to ensure that issues are completely resolved. Each member of our team is a fully trained engineer and we have all the required resources to ensure an efficient solution. With our 24/7 availability, we can be there when you need us to be, and our unmarked vans ensure privacy at all times. If you need  your drains repaired, you can rely on the Drain Cleaning Company.

renewal of supply and sanitation network
Any type of repair
Insurance work covered
24/7 availability

What does our repair service cover?

  • Damaged or collapsed drains

  • Resealing work

  • Sewer work

  • Damage from vehicle activity or tree roots

  • Insurance claims

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