Flooded street with house and sandbags in background

Specialist flood water removal

Dealing with flood water due to a storm? You don't want to leave stagnant water on your property for too long which is why we offer a dedicated pump-out service so you can get that water out of your property as soon as possible. To enquire, speak to our team at the Drain Cleaning Company in Birmingham today.

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Thorough and efficient solution

When it comes to the efficient removal of flood water from a property, we have the team and the equipment to ensure a swift resolution. The Drain Cleaning Company are made up of experienced, local engineers who know their work inside out. We always provide a quality service, from how we engage with customers right through to the service we provide for them. You get all that at a competitive rate and we even operate a 24/7 service so that you can always reach us. There's no call-out charge and we use simple vans without any signage to ensure that maximum discretion is upheld.

Why our flood water removal team?

  • Fast work

  • Right people and equipment

  • Local engineers

  • Competitive rates

  • 24/7 availability

  • No call-out charges

  • No vehicles with signage

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